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by Gerry O'Connell

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Drivin on ICE The snow is fallin The wind is howlin The blizzard grips like a vice There's just no tellin Where we are goin' 'Cause we are drivin on ICE White rock Iced roads You better take good advice Do not collide Enjoy the ride The world is drivin on ICE The fog is freezin The snow is driftin' The airports losin its flights The traffics jammed We changed the plan and drove across the land... Its sounds so crazy Its so amazin, its nice We're D D D Da We're D D D Da We're D D Drivin on ICE ...
Romantic 05:20
You are the girl I am the guy... No better time No better place Lets be romantic, romantic
A baby boy was born they say 2000 years ago this very day So everybody wants to celebrate We eat and sing and drink and decorate But with all the tinsel and all the trappings Seems that something still is lacking....
Golden Years 06:06
Golden Years We were so young When love was new And though we made mistakes We always knew The road ahead was filled with dreams And now it seems Our dreams Have turned to GOLD Chorus These golden years Have passed us by These golden years How time does fly We want to celebrate A love so dear Full of golden moments And golden years reprise golden moments golden years These golden years Such golden days We celebrate our loves Pure GOLD today We've had the best of times We've seen the world And in the times of trial Dark threads turned to GOLD oh oh Friends since at first at we met Always a team Forgetting our regrets Sharing our dreams We raised a family The kids now grown Forever friends and family Together not alone all rights reserved Gerry O'Connell 2011
small world BIG GOD by Gerry O'Connell -------------------------------------------------- Small world Big God Little devil mighty Lord I was tossed by storms On a raging sea But there was someone Watching over me He snapped the chains of slavery Trusting my saviour rescued me Small world Big God Little devil mighty Lord Woah oh Woah oh oh Before time began He made the plan To come and rescue a fallen man A rugged cross, an empty tomb The risen Christ, in the upper room Small world Big God Little devil mighty Lord Woah oh Woah oh oh A shepherd boy took the giant down There's no intimidation when Gods in town Dat little bitty debil , he got to flee Coz God and me are a majority Small world Big God Little devil mighty Lord Woah oh Woah oh oh It may seem confusing But there ain't no doubt He's a mighty God of power And the truth is out Feel his love like an ocean Overwhelming you its true Small world Big God Little devil mighty Lord You never never know what can happen When you come into The presence of A King fade.....
SUCH GREAT LOVE (Blood was shed) by Gerry O’Connell Blood was shed But now I know That cleansing, healing power Still flows. Jesus died, so I go free No mistake His blood was shed for me. Words just fail me Mere words could not express The depth of gratitude, From this saved soul In quiet moments I raise my praise Amazed by the scale Of such great love. Such great love. How can I forget Such great love. Blood was shed He stood in my stead He was scourged And left for dead He hung in shame Endured the pain, Took the blame He paid my debt. I can’t forget The blood He shed Has paid my debt I can’t forget…. How can I forget Such great love. I’ve been set free So wonderfully I’m glad that Jesus died for me How can I forget Such great love.
The spirit of the Lord Is upon me The spirit of the Lord Is upon me To bring good news Good news To the Poor the Poor Sending me to comfort The broken hearted Compassion, releases, prisoners Compassion, announces good news The favour of the Lord Has come The spirit of the Lord The spirit of the Lord Is Bringing peace He’s in this place Healing all their pain Bringing peace Bringing release (repeat to fade)
.......all the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever were built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned, put together have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as has this... One Solitary Life.
One of these days I'm gonna rise up singin' One of these days.... I'm gonna fly , gonna fly away... yeah yeah yeah... If you've been goin' down that lonely lonely road That leads you down down down down down You better stop, stop and turn around. See I was going down to a hot hot place Suddenly I found this amazin grace... way .. amazin grace
More to Life 03:52
MORE TO LIFE People walking in darkness really don't understand there is More there must be More More to Life
Fight the good fight with all your might; Christ is your Strength and Christ your Right. Lay hold on life, and it shall be Your joy and crown in eternity. Run the straight race thro' God's good grace; Lift up your eyes and seek His face. Life with its way before us lies; Christ is the Path and Christ the Prize. Cast care aside; upon your Guide Lean, and His mercy will provide; Lean, and the trusting soul shall prove Christ is its Life and Christ its Love. Faint not nor fear, His arms are near; He does not change, and you are dear. Only believe, and you shall see That Christ is All in all to thee. ...Christian Poetry by John Samuel Bewley Monsell Public Domain "And you will hear of wars and threats of wars, but don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place, but the end won’t follow immediately. Remember Christ has your life in his hands" (Matthew 24:6)
One Day 04:48
ONE DAY One Day we'll see it happen One Day it will be real One Day the dream will cease to be For All will be revealed A house of love and harmony A tower of joy and peace A restaurant to the hungry Where prisoners are released We all look to right injustice We all long to see men set free For all God's people on this planet We Cry Freedom, Let it Be! One Day
Lost in darkness Mind was so confused Would not listen Man I just refused My world was shaking Aching with regret You set me free I'm forever in your debt Forever Forever, Forever in your debt Forever we never, can forget You are Creator No matter what they said World needs a Saviour To pay up for our debt Hell is the problem We sinned lets not forget No need to argue Please don't get upset You say you'll take your chances But you can't win that bet. Forever Forever, Forever in your debt Forever we never, can forget


This EP is a reflection of my musical diffraction and distraction over the last wee while with styles and themes from across the audio SPECTRUM.... a bit of a mixture with a few tasty morsels ... too many metaphors for now.... :-) ... now with additional bonus tracks


released September 23, 2011

All songs written, performed and produced
by Gerry O'Connell


all rights reserved



Gerry O'Connell Edinburgh, UK

Gerry O'Connell is a British singer songwriter.
He has 3 albums of his own songs called:
Plus much more released on SoundCloud
They vary in musical style but all his songs reflect his joy in living and faith in Jesus Christ
and are annointed, refreshing and hopeful. Gerry is now a wheelchair user and expresses Christian hope in his lyrics.
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